The Colorado Fiscal Institute recently defined “shared” prosperity to mean that everyone has the opportunity to become economically successful and that as Colorado continues to grow, all people are equitably reaping the benefits of economic expansion. However, this can only be achieved when we break the barriers that prevent our communities, particularly communities of color, from achieving economic success. read more
The ghost of fiscal future: five takeaways that will have you saying bah, humbug!
But what do we mean by “widespread prosperity?” Widespread or “shared” prosperity means that everyone has the opportunity to become economically successful.
CFI's 5th annual Fiscal Forum is Friday, January 12. We are excited to welcome our keynote speaker, noted author, political analyst and historian, Thomas Frank. Get your tickets today!
On Thursday November 2nd the House Ways and Means Committee introduced the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in the House of Representatives. It contained the same major flaws as prior GOP tax plans and frameworks. The House GOP tax plan prioritizes tax cuts for the wealthiest households and profitable corporations, it would dramatically increase the deficit, which would likely force future budget cuts to programs like Medicaid, Medicare and safety net programs, and it offers no benefits to most low-income working families: instead, it hurts many. read more

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A Look at Low-Wage Employment in Colorado

September 4, 2017
As Colorado celebrates Labor Day and the important progress made over time for working families here and throughout the country, it’s worth taking a fresh look at a central factor in employment growth and the economic well-being of workers: wages.… read more

Urban Tax Cuts, Rural Health Cuts: The AHCA’s Effect on Colorado

June 22, 2017
Colorado has been a leader in health care in the United States. Our state expanded Medicaid prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and we were one of the first states to set up an insurance exchange to… read more

Increasing access to driver’s licenses is good for Colorado’s economy

March 31, 2017
Today, the House Appropriations Committee voted on House Bill 17-1206, passing the bill out of committee and to the House floor. This bill will broaden the forms of identification that can be used by undocumented immigrants to acquire a driver’s… read more
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