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  • Introducing "Health Divides," a quarterly publication from CFI focusing on equity and economics in health care, produced with the support of The Colorado Trust.

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  •   Healthcare workers 2 Check out the May 2016 edition of Health Divides, CFI’s specialty newsletter looking at equity and economics in health care. We explore ambulance diversion, hepatitis C in Native communities, and affordable housing. Read it by clicking the link below: Health Equity Bulletin September 2016 read more

    Recent Reports

    GPI 2013 Update

    May 16, 2016
    Genuine Progress Indicator, Update 2013… read more

    TICKET TO THRIVE: CFI Report Shows How RTD Fares Can Be Fair

    April 21, 2016
    The Colorado Fiscal Institute studied RTD’s fare structure for a year to examine how affordable it was and evaluated the newly approved fare structure through the same lens. In addition to evaluating the old and new fare structures. CFI also looked for alternatives that RTD could use to make fares more affordable for low-income riders and how this could be paid for. The result is “Ticket to Thrive: A solution for affordable transit in the Denver region,” a comprehensive study of transit affordability in the eight-county transit district RTD serves.

    CFI Fact Sheet: The State Child Tax Credit Means a Brighter Future for Colorado Families

    September 25, 2015
    A state Child Tax Credit goes a long way in helping Colorado's working families make ends meet and improving long-term economic and educational outcomes for a brighter future and better economy.
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