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Introducing "Health Divides," a quarterly publication from CFI focusing on equity and economics in health care, produced with the support of The Colorado Trust.

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  bike to work Denver If just 1,200 more Coloradans bike to work each day, Colorado would become the No. 2 bicycle commuting state in the U.S. With Bike to Work Day on Wednesday, the Colorado Fiscal Institute decided to run the numbers to see where Colorado ranks among other states in share of residents biking to work.

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Health Divides: June 2015, Volume 1

May 29, 2015
CFI is proud to announce the launch of “Health Divides,” a new quarterly publication focusing on equity and economics in health care. The publication is made possible through the generous support of The Colorado Trust, a health equity foundation. Read… read more

CFI report: Denver now unaffordable for many low-wage workers

May 18, 2015
A fast-food worker in Denver would need to put in 62 hours a week to afford to live in the Mile High City, while a dishwasher working in a restaurant’s kitchen would have to toil for 61 hours to live in the city. Things aren’t much better for housekeepers, who’d need to labor for 59 hours a week to live in Denver nor for janitors, who’d have to put in 51 hours a week to reside in the city.

CFI Report: Immigrant workers critical to Colorado economy

April 29, 2015
Colorado immigrants are a crucial – and growing – part of the state’s economy, with many industries relying on their labor. In addition, many immigrants are entrepreneurs, bringing new businesses and jobs to Colorado.
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