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Basketball game No Cinderella story here; the ugly sisters smashed the glass slipper as soon as they saw it.
binoculars-954021_1280 Last week was truly a week of March Madness. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its score of the Republican-led House “repeal and replace” health reform bill and President Trump released his “skinny” budget laying out his spending priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.
Basketball The folks with the winning brackets in terms of the March forecast are Coloradans in the highest income brackets.
By Betty Wills, CC BY-SA 4.0, Christmas came early this year, and I experienced my annual bafflement when the Senate Finance Committee heard SB17-149 last month.
Per-Pupil A child’s chance of getting a quality education in Colorado is becoming more and more dependent upon their zip code as schools across our state are forced to rely more heavily on local tax revenue.

Recent Reports

CFI Brief: The Pitfalls and Flaws in “Impacts of Increasing Colorado’s Minimum Wage”

September 9, 2016
A new brief from CFI Economist Chris Stiffler analyzes the many flaws in a study that claims increasing the minimum wage in Colorado will result in 90,000 lost jobs.

CFI Report: How ColoradoCare Would Affect Health Care Cost for Latinos and Immigrants

June 1, 2016
In June, CFI conducted an analysis of how health care costs for Latino and immigrant Coloradans would be affected under Amendment 69, also known as ColoradoCare.

TICKET TO THRIVE: CFI Report Shows How RTD Fares Can Be Fair

June 1, 2016
The Colorado Fiscal Institute studied RTD’s fare structure affordability. CFI also looked for alternatives that RTD could use to make fares more affordable for low-income riders and how this could be paid for. The result is “Ticket to Thrive: A solution for affordable transit in the Denver region,” a comprehensive study of transit affordability in the eight-county transit district RTD serves.
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