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Complexity 2Welcome to the Colorado Fiscal Institute’s Data Library. Over the years, CFI has become the trusted source for fiscal and budget resources in Colorado. In this time our data library has grown, and we want to share our data with you! In this data library you will find helpful data files, inforgraphics and charts regarding higher education, school finance, transportation and so much more. If you have any data requests or questions about the data in the library, please feel free to reach out to Thamanna Vasan ( or Chris Stiffler (
Highway User Tax Fund Collections, 2009-2016 xls
  CDOT revenue does not keep up with changing needs, infographic  png
gastaxinfographic Download gas tax infographic    png
cdotbudget CDOT budget inforgraphic png

Higher Education Funding History  xls

higher ed and national average

"Colorado’s Funding for Higher Education has Fallen to Nearly Half the National Average" Chart   png


Historical General Fund, Cash Fund and Federal Fund, 1980-2013 xls

Historical General Fund Appropriations, 1993-2017 xls

Property Tax State Rankings, 2015 xls

school finance timeline 2017Colorado School Finance Timeline, 2017   png   pdf

School District Program Mill and Override Mills FY2016-17 xls

Colorado and United States Income Inequality data   xls

Income Inequality Graphic From Shared Prosperity to Widespread Inequality Inforgaphic png
 ......  ......  ......    ......  ......  ...... .. . ...........v....
income inequality The Wealthiest 20% of Coloradans Earn Nearly Half of All Income in the State png

GDP in Colorado, 1963-2015   xls

Denver-Boulder-Greeley Consumer Price Index Data and Calculator xls

Personal Income, Colorado xls

Population, Colorado and Colorado Counties xls

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