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Info-graphic: A history of school finance in Colorado

Posted August 21, 2014 by Tim Hoover


CFI economist Chris Stiffler has created a handy infographic that shows what has happened to school finance over the last three decades with the interactions of the TABOR, Gallagher and Amendment 23 constitutional provisions.

Click on the graphic above to enlarge it, or check it out here:  Colorado school finance timeline

2 Responses to “Info-graphic: A history of school finance in Colorado”

  1. Kate Pettersen says:

    Hi Chris,

    Nice infographic! I know this stuff, and even with something like this, still have a hard time explaining it in simple terms. I wonder, is there any way to make it even simpler for the average Jo(e) to understand? This is, of course, one of the brilliances of TABOR – it’s so complex that it makes it almost impossible to put in understandable terms for the average voter.

    Would love to see you present this sometime in public. Are you scheduled to do so?

    Thanks, Kate Pettersen

  2. […] TABOR-required refunds would be $125M in ’16-17 and $392M in ’17-18, Colorado legislative economists project. Need for refunds would require legislature to set aside $$ in prior years, likely affecting such things as cuts in K12… […]

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