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flagNothing expresses priorities and values more than how a state raises revenues and allocates resources. Tax and budget policies reflect what we most value as a state. CFI advocates for fair and sustainable taxes that can support our shared investments in a thriving economy and broadly shared prosperity.


Colorado Budget Basics

How big is the state budget and where does the money come from? How are we spending it? What’s TABOR? What’s the Gallagher Amendment? All these questions and more are answered in CFI’s “Colorado State Budget Basics, 2017.”

Colorado Tax Basics

How do Colorado’s income taxes compare to other states? Who pays the most in taxes, rich folks or poor folks? What’s “severance tax”? Where does all the tax revenue from marijuana go? All these questions and more are answered in CFI’s “Colorado State Tax Basics.”

State Budget & Tax Reports

CFI Statement on White House Budget Proposal

February 15, 2018
  The following is a statement from CFI Executive Director Carol Hedges on White House budget proposal announced and what it means for Colorado: “Public investments help build and sustain the thriving communities in which we all want to live.… read more

Outdated Tax Laws Could Hurt Colorado’s Amazon Chances

October 30, 2017
Colorado’s antiquated tax laws could make Denver a poor candidate for Amazon’s HQ2.

New report: Trickle-down Dries Up

October 26, 2017
A new analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) further proves that tax cuts aren’t the solution to thriving economies. The report, titled “Trickle-Down Dries Up” finds that states with the highest income tax rates actually experience higher economic growth than states without individual income taxes. Furthermore, states with higher individual income tax rates have higher income growth rates, increased employment and fairer tax systems.

New Blog Series: The Real Path to State Prosperity

September 11, 2017
Business rankings have long been used as a method to examine which states are implementing policies that court and help thriving businesses and ultimately the state’s overall economic prosperity. Chambers of Commerce, elected offiicials, and economic development agencies often use… read more

Tax Breaks for Working Families Face Dire Cuts in President’s Proposed Budget

June 27, 2017
The federal EITC and CTC are facing major cuts in the president's proposed budget, which will have dire consequences for low- to moderate-income individuals and families, especially undocumented communities.
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