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Colorado State Budget and Taxes Explained

Colorado’s Gallagher Amendment Explained….

Population and Inflation: A Broken Formula

This video explains the interaction between two constitutional amendments in Colorado (TABOR and Gallagher). It also explains why home owners will see a property tax break at the same time Colorado’s budget makes cuts. Learn why a formula that links spending on roads, healthcare, and schools to the cost of tooth paste is silly.

Marijuana Revenue and School Finance in Colorado

The Truth About Taxes in Colorado

Watch this video to learn more about state revenue from marijuana sales and school financing. Who really pays a higher share of their income in taxes in Colorado? Is it the rich?

Other Colorado Fiscal Institute Videos

Follow the $20 bill: How the EITC helps us all

Colorado EITC #10PercentMore

How does the Earned Income Tax Credit contribute to local economies? Watch this video to find out! CFI and other allies joined together in 2016 to celebrate the state EITC! Here is the highlight reel from the celebration!
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